A Very Girl Reason That I Hate Social Media

Now, don’t get me wrong.

There is a lot of stuff I like about social media.

I like blogging, I like seeing photo’s of important and insignificant moments in my friends lives, I like reading quotes, watching clips, and occasionally getting lost in the world of Facebook creeping–a strange, sleep-like state that when I snap out of it (wake up) I realize that I am looking at some pregnant teenager’s twin sister that isn’t even close to being within six degree’s of separation from me. I don’t think I’m alone in this? Maybe I am.

I have been told that I have some pretty terrifying stalker skills, but really I just have the ability to properly work Google and social media sites, so if you didn’t want me to ever find that video you playing bass and singing ear-spliting harmonies in your two-man band (recorded in what has to be your parents garage), then you probably should have removed it from the internet.

But despite all the good things social media brings us, it also presents a lot of negatives. I’m not going to get into all of them now because it would just irritate me. I have one person in my life that the only social media she uses is Instagram, and the last time we hung out, she said she was going to delete it. You know what I love about her? Everything, but especially this. Whenever we see each we have so much to talk about (so much for her to listen to me say verbatim from route internet memorization). And she is a better person than me because she doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter, and probably doesn’t know what a Vine is. I can talk about her this way because I doubt she reads this blog because how would she even know it exists? Love you, Marissa.


The super girl reason that I hate social media is because I have dated a handful of people that still pop up all over my newsfeed. And there is literally nothing more gut-wrenching than seeing a photo of your old guy with a new girl. Or noticing that someone who went out with you a few times and said they weren’t looking for anything right now because of [insert whatever excuse you would like here] is suddenly in a Facebook official relationship. Without social media, I would never have to know how easily men have moved on since they were with me. I could instead just go on, floating on my fluffy, soft single cloud, farting my way through a few Zumba classes a week, and just living my life and being just fine. But instead I feel trapped by these stupid websites because they aren’t always stupid and sometimes really supplement my life in a helpful way, but also cause me to doubt myself and feel sad.

Whew. Does this sound enough like a Thought Catalog post? Should I have made it into a list and titled it “5 Things Single Women in their 20s Hate about Facebook”? That would have been a trending tweet for sure.

Rant over.

Elaine out.

3 thoughts on “A Very Girl Reason That I Hate Social Media

  1. Teresa says:

    I recommend that you delete old boyfriends from your friend list, then hopefully you won’t see them on facebook anymore. (they won’t even know that you’ve deleted them)

    Have you ever thought about writing for a magazine? Say Oprah?
    I think you’d be great!

    Love You Honey!

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